For Siemens Profibus Cable

Stripping length @ 8mm by 1-layer

Length: 128mm
Weight: 210g
  • Tool body made by Zinc cast material. Metal toughness for longer lifetime.
  • Working with Siemens Profibus  6XV1 830-0EH10 into 1-layer by 8mm stripping length.
  • Adjustable blade deepth to apply minor application.
  • Every clockwise on adjustment screw pushes blade 0.4mm deeper cut.
  • Throw out scraps when opening the jaw.
  • Attach hexagon wrench for user to adjust blades.
  • Stripping length @ 8mm by 1-layer.

Packing Terms:
  • 60pcs/carton by BULK
  • Net Weight: 14KGS
  • Gross Weight: 14.6KGS
  • CU.FT: 0.4'
  • 60pcs/carton by Box
  • Net Weight: 15KGS
  • Gross Weight: 16.1KGS
  • CU.FT: 0.87'
  • 100pcs/carton by Slide Blister
  • Net Weight: 15.6KGS
  • Gross Weight: 16.6KGS
  • CU.FT: 0.87'