Who We Are

Our Past & Future
 ASTOOL was founded in 1991 in Shu-Lin, Taiwan. A professional manufacturer of various types of wiring hand tools. The category of products includes crimping tools, waterproof connector crimping tools, rotary coaxial cable strippers, internet modular crimping tools. In the late years, we've already developed tool for MC4 solar terminal crimping tool, and easy-carry handy-type stainless cable tie tension tool. But most of all, we can design and develop the right tool for your terminal/connector when they are very special than others.
 As the age of over 30 years, we have always been one of top 5 hand tool manufacturers in Taiwan in crimping/stripping tool industry, as quantity or quality. Most of our products are labeled with different brands, but they are all under our design. And due to our ability, we also produce OEM/ODM products for clients or remake the extinguished tools for further modification.

 Our products have been exported to every corner wildly on each continent, either throughout agencies or from direct orders. To achieve every goal, the best quality is our first priority guideline. In making this goal happened, every single spare part used in tools are sourced in Taiwan, and we are proud to introduce the outcome quality is beyond your expectation.

 As the terminals/connectors are getting to a higher industrial standard with unique spec to have the best performance, you will need a perfect tool to work with them. In the late years, we have helped corporations/enterprises to design different tools with after-crimped high standard/inspection requirement, such as pull-force test, crimping force requirement, water resistance test, etc. You name it, we can do it!

If you have doubt, or you need further information on what we can do, do not hesitate, CONTACT US!