Indent Crimping Tool

AS-1445 DEUTSCH Solid Contact Crimping Tool Size 16 with wire AWG 16/18/20

234g    Length: 164.4mm ,  width:65mm  ,  thickness:25.6mm

  • Body made by S50C Carbon Steel, hardness @ HRC45-48
  • Indenter made by FD-0405 steel, hardness @ HRC35-45
  • Work with DEUTSCH solid contact Size #16 with wire AWG16/18/20.
  • Comfortable cushioned grips.
  • Features ratchet mechanism to complete an effective crimp.
  • Customized handle grip color is available.
  •  4-way indent crimping.
  • Inspection test (tensile test)
Packing Terms:
  • 60pcs/carton by box
  • Net Weight: 19.6KGS
  • Gross Weight: 20.6KGS
  • CU.FT: 1.05'