Telecom/Internet Crimping Tool

Crimp for short RJ45 & RJ12/R11


● Length: 202mm, Width:60mm(closed), Thickness:22mm.

● Weight: 352g

● Material:

  • Frame: Steel Finished: Black OxideHardness: HR15N@78-82
  • Cutting blade: SK-5, Hardness HRC60~66.
  • Crimper: Contact driver by MIM of Fe-8Ni 4605 , hardness @ HRC 36-42

● In-House test: Crimping depth matches US FCC standard.


● Crimping for short 8 PLUG RJ45  & regular RJ12/11. Suited with flat cable stripper and cable cutter.
● Features ratchet mechanism to complete an effective crimp.
 Customized handle grip color is available.
● Suitable for short 8 PLUG RJ45 with COBLE No.102S1 & LIYUE No.MP8P8C50S2N2.

Packing Terms:
40pcs/carton by BOX

Net Weight: 15.2KGS
Gross Weight: 16.2KGS
CU.FT: 0.85'
36pcs/carton by Slide Blister
Net Weight: 14KGS
Gross Weight: 15.5KGS
CU.FT: 1.49'