AS-4862 Internet/Telecom Modular 4P/6P/8P Crimping Tool

Tool Length: 228mm
Weight: 345g
  • Crimping for RJ-45 & RJ-12/11 & 4P4C/4P2C
  • Crimping depth achieve to FCC standard requirement.
  • Ensuit with flat cable stripping/cutting function.
  • Full cycle crimp mechanism to ensure consistent and reliable crimp.
  • Aluminum body enlight the weight for easy carry.
  • Customized logo laser/printing is available.

Packing Terms:
  • 40pcs/carton by BOX
  • Net Weight: 15.4KGS
  • Gross Weight: 16.5KGS
  • CU.FT: 1.0'
  • 36pcs/carton by Slide Blister
  • Net Weight: 14.3KGS
  • Gross Weight: 15.8KGS
  • CU.FT: 1.5'